Manure Spreader
Designed for the Smaller Horse Ranch
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The BetterSpreaderTM is primarily aluminum construction, greatly reducing corrosion. It is ground driven and has very few moving parts and there are NO adjustments to make.

Maintenance consists of greasing axle bearings every six months (zerk fittings for your grease gun, no disassembly required). Keep the tires inflated to 20 psi. That's it.

The BetterSpreaderTM Manure Spreader is a new concept in equine manure disposal. It was developed as a low cost alternative to traditional manure spreaders for the small farm.

The BetterSpreaderTM is easy to use, store and maintain.

It will far outlast ANY steel spreader.

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BetterSpreaderTM works best for spreading manure, shavings or sawdust bedding and some uneaten or soiled hay mixed in the bedding. For optimum results, do not try to spread large amounts of hay or straw without equal parts of manure. The BetterSpreaderTM is designed to work with gravity so heavy loads work also.

You can store your BetterSpreaderTM" almost anywhere. By standing it on its rear end it requires an area of about 3' x 4'. It can be pushed or pulled by hand easier than a wheelbarrow, even when it's full. Being less than 4' wide, you can easily maneuver the BetterSpreaderTM into and out of stall doorways.

You can hook the BetterSpreaderTM to any lawn tractor, four wheeler, golf cart, etc. Even the smallest garden tractor will pull it. The BetterSpreaderTM can be pulled at speeds up to 15 miles per hour.

  2. It's lightlweight (85 pounds)
  3. It's balanced, whether fully or partially loaded
  4. It's smooth and quiet discharge of the manure and bedding, breaking up the manure clumps into small pieces
  5. It empties in about 200 feet with a full load
  6. The BetterSpreaderTM holds 7 cubic feet or about four to six stalls worth of manure and bedding.

    Width: 47"
    Height: 24"
    Length: 72"

Just fill the BetterSpreaderTM, pull it to where you want to spread the manure. Kick the engagement levers (one on each wheel) and that will engage the grinding drum; then drive and spread. When you are finished, kick the engagement levers to disengage the grinding drum.

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