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June 2010 -- Harley Davidson and Carrie Katona -- Winning Champion 2010 Open Arabian Costume.

June 2010 -- Harley Davidson and owner Lee VanNostern -- Harley winning Champion 2010 Region 8 Open Country English Pleasure.
Hannah Henderson on Electraliner, CAHC Fall Show September 2010, after winning the Hunt Seat Medal class.

Kate Kilbane, 8, waiting for Harley to shake hands with her. July 2010

Laura Pardo, 16, from Highlands Ranch, CO, on her first visit to VNA. She is asking Harley to shake hands, and upon accomplishing that, has a big smile!

Mike Kilbane, Kate's dad, getting the perfect handshake with Harley. First time for Mike shaking hands with a horse! July 2010.
Marta Pardo tentatively asks for Harley's hand. She is unsure.

Marta is successful and happy! July 2010

Pausing for a photo during a riding lesson: Left is Kate Kilbane, 8, on Kasarri, and Hannah Henderson, 16, on Electraliner.

Perfect Wish (A Wish (Negatraz) x Preilude by *Aladdinn) and Hannah Henderson on a trail ride, May 2010.

Getting ready for Costume Class at Colorado Classic Horse Show, April 2010 are Carrie Katona on Harley Davidson, and Hannah Henderson on Alota Palooza.

At Colorado Classic Horse Show, showing Championship wins: Carrie Katona, Lee VanNostern, Hannah Henderson.

CAHC Spring Show, May 2010, getting ready for Lead Line class: Victoria VanNostern on Major Headline, dad Scott, and gram Lee.

Wins in the Stick Horse Class, May 2010, Victoria VanNostern and friend Isabella.

Happy Horse Show team, CAHC Spring Show May 2010: L to R: Bill Horst, Rhonda Horst, Lee VN, Carrie Katona, Kirstin McLendon, Barbara Gill, Hannah Henderson, Brent Henderson.

Another trail ride, May 2010, Hannah Henderson on Prairie Drum Beat (The Headliner X Dearest Wish by *Aladdinn).

Here are the happy people enjoying a Christmas get-together at VanNostern Arabians! Bill and Rhonda Horst, Lynn Farmer, Hannah Henderson, Barbara Gill, Jane Johnson, Trish Tidwell, Pam VanNostern, Jen Sculley, Susan Hytinen, Wendy Cibis, Paulene Holland, Dotty Regas and grandaughter Sienna, Jamie Ciarla, Victoria VanNostern, Nancy VanNostern, Judith Weber, Carrie Katona and friend Cory, Carol Katona.

This photo shows a very happy group after a Christmas party, December 2009, at VanNostern Arabians. These good friends had a great time eating, visiting and watching AA Nocturne as he showed off!

Left to right back row: Lee VanNostern, Rhonda Horst, Jane Johnson, Hannah Henderson, Paulene Holland, Kirstin McLendon, Trish Tidwell.

Front row, left to right, Jen Sculley, Pam VanNostern. Missing in the photo is Lynn Farmer, who was the photographer.

Hannah Smith, 13, riding Gontia; and Sadie Smith, 10, riding Medonna. These sisters are from Durango, Colo, and the photo is taken during a riding lesson in July 2009.

Hannah Henderson, 15, on Electraliner; Rhonda Horst on Medonna, and six year old Victoria VanNostern on Kasarri who is now 30 years young! Taken 11-21-09, these riders paused during a riding lesson for a photo.

Taking a break during a riding lesson are Hannah Cussen, age 9, on Kassari and Hannah Henderson, 15, on Prairie Drumbeat.

Hannah Cussen, age 9, on Kassari, after her riding lesson.

Trail ride at Green Mountain near Sedalia CO. From left to right: Hannah Henderson riding Prozetta; Lee VanNostern riding Vonzell; Barbara Gill on Major Headline; Carrie Katona on RA Knight Class; Seth Holland and friend riding Billy and Cajun.

Hannah Henderson riding "Prozetta" (The Headliner X MA Proza) and friends on their Quarter Horses at a water crossing during a trail ride at Cherry Creek Trail, March 09.

Charity Gill on Major Headline (The Headliner X MA Proza) and Kirstin McLendon on Novaliner (The Headliner X Aaris Echo)

Hannah Henderson riding Knight Class (AA Nocturne X Cedarhill Copicat)

Pausing for a photo during a riding lesson (Sep.08)
(L to R: Travis Farmer on Kasarri, Mandy Farmer on Athen, Hannah Henderson on Medonna)

Victoria VanNostern, age 4, riding Kasarri

Victoria VanNostern, age 4, on Harley Davidson. 2008 Region 8 Lead Line winner.

Victorri JA and Pam VanNostern winning the Country English Pleasure Training Tack class at the CAHC Fall Show, 2007. Presenting the blue ribbon (and receiving the "bunny ears") is long time family friend of VanNostern Arabians, Winnie Hale of Parker, Colo.

Pam VanNostern, Shea Urgitus & Carrie Katona (Region 8).

Carrie Katona, youth rider; Carolyn Bidinger, adult amateur; Shea & Anna Urgitus, youth riders; & Bree Williams (a soon-to-be-junior rider) at the end of 2007 Region 8 show.

Lead Line rider Victoria VanNostern, 2 & Carrie Katona, 17, Youth rider for VNA.

Mandy (9) & Travis (5) Farmer with colt born 6/17/06, sired by LBA Lode Star, out of Pepsi with Ice (The Headliner) owned by Pam VanNostern.

AA Nocturne is "Smokin".

Headliner waving to his fans.

Margaret and Molly (The Logan School), with Pam and Lee VanNostern, with Dreame Maker, owner Carolyn Bidinger.

Margaret and Molly talking with Harley Davidson.

Tara Weigle & The Hot Rod.

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